Quick Tips: What to Wear?

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Super Simple!

You are the star of the show in your headshot, not your clothing, so keep it simple!

Patterns are a big no, they distract the eye in a headshot, which pulls away from your awesome expression! So, if at all possible, stick with solid colors.

Colors can be simple, neutral. Avoid bright colors.

Logos should be avoided; polos with an alligator are not the best choice (I can remove it with software if that’s your best shirt). Logos for your company can work, but can also distract, so that’s up to you (when you bring lots of clothing options, then it’s never an issue).

Collars can be your best friend or an annoying enemy. Crisp collars look amazing in headshots, loose collars can give a much more casual look (watch out for loose and stretched, they look a little sloppy). A t-shirt under a jacket can make you look like Steven Jobs, but could also appear a bit too casual, depending on what your intention is.

Bring LOTS of clothing options! We will have enough time to select and compose, so having more options means we can try different combinations and give you lots of options. You can never have too much clothing!

Small jewelry is appropriate, but unless big earnings and necklaces are an integral part of your brand you might not like the look in your headshots.

And again, if we are planning intentional headshots, then the look is what you need it to be.

Hats are uncommon in headshots, but can make for a very stylized photo. So if you spend most of your time in a hat, why not bring it along?