Quick Tips: Haircare for a Headshot

This applies to both men and women. Hair looks better in images with a little volume, so give it a little lift before your session.

If you use them, bring a small kit with you of your usual hair styling products. Sometimes when we are changing clothes hair can go from awesome to messy!

If you plan to color your hair, best to give it a few days before the session. For the first couple of days the color can be intense, so give it a bit to become more natural.

If you are getting a haircut before your session, give yourself at least 1 day (and a shower) before the session. Small and large cut hairs are stubborn and like to stick all over the face and head!

Having your hair styled before a session is great.

And for guys, I have 2 suggestions. In terms of shaving, if you’d like to grow a little scruff, and shoot some photos, and want to bring along your shaving kit for a clean look, that would be fantastic. If you’re shaving ahead of time, make sure you time it according to your growth rate! If you know you’ll have a heavy shadow by the end of day, take that into consideration, or book your appointment in the morning.

And for guys who have noticed hairs growing out of places you didn’t expect them when you were younger, grab those trimmers and take care of business! The camera has an amazing ability to capture all those stray hairs (and it’s a hassle to remove them in Photoshop, so please do me a favor and trim!)